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Can you still buy Stanley Home Products?

Can you still buy Stanley Home Products?

What gives a home a complete touch of perfection is quality home products. Heaven can be realized in the four walls of your home if you have the best home products to make things easy and convenient for you.

There are tons of companies manufacturing home products. One of the leading companies is Stanley company. The worth of any company is tested and approved by the people over a stretch of years. If a company has a good public reputation, it's because such a company has succeeded in satisfying the needs of the targeted consumers.

Perhaps the reason why Stanley company still enjoys widespread acceptance from many people is that it's been established for a long time. And since its year of establishment, it's never failed to produce nothing but the best home products.

Stanley Products People

Stanley Products Company History.

Stanley company has been around for quite a long time. In the late '70s and early '80s, at least five of every ten houses will have one or two Stanley products in their kitchen. If you do a time travel back to the '70s and '80s, you'd find houses loaded with Stanley products such as soaps, shampoos, cleaners, and fragrance bottles.  

The year 1931 saw the establishment of Stanley Company in Westfield, Massachusetts. The company was founded by Frank Stanley Beveridge and his partner Catherine L. O’Brien. The United States of America as well as many other countries of the world suffered great economic challenges, especially in the 1930s. So terrible was the worldwide economic challenge that it's historically termed the "Great Depression".

It was during this period of the Great Depression that Stanley Company was founded. During this global economic depression, many people had lost their jobs, with no viable means of livelihood. Therefore, Stanley Company planned on helping people financially through its founding. Hence, the aim and objective of Stanley company was to assist people with economic challenges to start their own business.

To get started, people would create a small investment then proceed to sell Stanley products used by people every day. From its inception, Stanley Company offered door-to-door product sales and service delivery. The company also offered home cleaning tools and household cleaners.

What Does Stanley Company Sell?

Stanley Company is a household business firm that sells home products. Some of their products are:

  • Stanley Home products Original Degreaser: This multipurpose cleaner can be used to clean off dirt or stubborn grease from dishwares, laundry, equipment, and grills. This Stanley product is made to suit all your cleaning tasks.
  • Stanley Home products Stainless Steel Kitchen scouring cleaners: These scrubbers are specially designed to thoroughly scrub off tough stains, grease, and  from stainless pot, pan, sinks, and grills. It offers comfortability when used even for the toughest of cleaning tasks.
  • Stanley Home products Essential ladies hairbrush: A suitable hairbrush for all hair types, this hairbrush gracefully sails through the hair and gives a satisfying result. With its easy handle, ladies can easily use this Stanley product after shampooing or whenever it's needed.
  • Stanley Home products Bowl Refresher concentrate kit: Eliminate and clear off every unpleasant odor in your toilet with this Stanley product. It feels good to have a well-scented toilet. Fragrance your toilet bowls with scintillating scents using this Stanley bowl refresher concentrate kit!
  • Stanley Home products Furniture cream: Furniture can be an eyesore if covered in dirt and stains. Dullness, scratches, and inscribing can make your furniture lose its appeal. But if you want it to be refined and beautifully polished, use this Stanley product!

There are many other Stanley products you can get. The choice and preference are always yours.

Can you still get Stanley products?

Stanley products are still very much available for users. Stanley company offers numerous home care products and cleaning agents. What's more, the quality and durability of Stanley products remain unchallenged. Enjoy the premium goods and services of Stanley company. A trial really will leave you amazed!  

Stanley Home Products Building

Closing thought.

Good old memories of the 1970's and 1980's made possible by Stanley company bear infallible witness to the fact that Stanley products are simply the best.

Your home deserves the best home products. You deserve to enjoy life at the simple comfort of your home. Give Stanley products a chance to make your home a living paradise! 


Contributing Author - Victor James

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CHris HOod - September 7, 2020

I’m 76 and I still have my mothers set of long handled kitchen utensils with brown plastic handles. I was so happy to pull them out of storage recently for kitchen drawer. Use them everyday. Almost perfect condition. From around 1950.

Russ Mathews - September 1, 2020
I am now 77 years old. I grew up with my Mom having women in our house at my Mom.’s Stanley partys. WE HAD A LOT OF THE CLEANING SUPPLIES. aND A LOT OF party prrizes.

We grew uplooking for and using the small blue and white lead pensils left from the parties.
I still have good memories of those days in Utica,IL. A town of 1000 people.100 miles sw of Chicago,IL………………..

Rita Francisco - September 1, 2020

I have been with Stanley Home Products for 49 years, still selling their wonderful concentrated products. Have made many wonderful friends through the :Home Party" plan .It was not unusual to hold 3 parties in a day! My last 15 years with the company I had been a Division Manager, with over 200 reps to keep in touch with.. Unfortunately, there have been many changes in the company and
in 2016 we were sold to a company in New Jersey and we are under the Fuller umbrella. Many of our Our original products are still available and are made in the USA! Our concentrated cleaners , brooms, mops and brushes will outlast anything bought in the stores. Give us a try!

Leslie GIrand - September 1, 2020

Catherine L O’Brien was my Great Aunt.
She was an amazing woman so ahead of her time. I learned so much from her. I miss hearing her stories of the humble beginnings.
She paved the road from many women and men to succeed.

Leslie GIrand - September 1, 2020

Catherine L O’Brien was my Great Aunt.
She was an amazing woman so ahead of her time. I learned so much from her. I miss hearing her stories of the humble beginnings.
She paved the road from many women and men to succeed.

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