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Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Hairbrush

Don’t Make These Mistakes with Your Hairbrush

Most of us take selecting a hairbrush nonchalantly. We select by comfort, price, or just what is available. With a little foresight and research, you will find that the right tools for your hair can make the difference between a fantastic hair day and one that is only so-so.

Choosing the Wrong Brush for Your Hair Type

One of the best-kept secrets of the beauty industry is that choosing the right brush for your hair type can help you look magnificent. 

Fine Hair

Reduce frizz and enhance volume with ceramic technology, boar bristles, or ionic nylon, all of which are great choices.  

Thick hair can also benefit from boar bristles, as they distribute the oils more evenly down the hair shaft. 

Coarse Hair

A detangling brush with wide, spaced bristles will help reduce breakage when you are styling or brushing your hair. Styling wet or even curly hair can be tricky, so using one of these brushes will help your hair look its fullest and maintain its natural curl.

Curly Hair

Most of the time, those with curly hair want to leave their curls alone and not brush them out. However, with the right brush, you can safely detangle curly hair while it is wet, without ruining its beauty when dry. Look for a brush with strong bristles, as these will reduce the detangling time. Those strong bristles will also do wonders for distributing your hair products.

Natural boar bristles are a great choice since they are gentler on your hair than synthetic bristles. Given the ease with which curly hair can be damaged when brushed, this is a very important benefit.  

A bonus tip for curly hair involves a bit of DIY. If your chosen brush seems to get caught in snags, just take a row of bristles out. It will take just a few minutes and make a significant difference.  

Since curly hair is easier to brush and less prone to damage when wet, consider giving it a pre-brush in the shower, as well. For that, you want something like this scalp massage and shampoo brush, which includes soft fingers to stimulate your scalp. 

Straight Hair

The average person with straight hair, no matter how long, will notice that a paddle brush completes the job perfectly. Using this brush style will give you smooth, sleek locks in just a matter of strokes. Something like this beech wood club hairbrush will be perfect.

If you want to give your straight hair a blowout, then opt for a high-quality round brush.

Not Selecting a Quality Comb

Believe it or not, a great comb can really help make styling your hair a breeze. Whether you’re a natural beauty queen or you struggle with your locks, a high-quality comb can make all the difference between a bad hair day and a brilliant one.

Combs, especially those that are anti-static combs, can really add to your beauty arsenal. By using an anti-static comb on your locks after a shower, you can reduce the amount of static and frizz you have. You also will have a better chance of creating nice parts and creative styles when you have a comb to help create the look. 

Finally, a comb is your best tool of attack when you have tangles. Sure, a brush can go in and remove much of the trouble, but at what cost? Using a comb will reduce breakage and help maintain the overall health of your hair. 

Thinking You Don’t Need a Brush Because of Short Hair

Short, thick hair and beards can benefit especially from boar-hair brushes. These bristles move the natural oil through the thick, coarse hair, helping to restore its natural luster and shine. Select something pocket-size, like this maple block brush, as it is easy to take with you anywhere. 

Using a brush when you have shorter locks can not only help stimulate the health of your hair and distribute its natural oils but also help hold and maintain your style. Whether your hair parts to the right or left on your forehead will be determined by which direction you brush it and how often.


Contributing Author - Cedric Jackson

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