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Essentials All-Purpose Cream, Emollient Rich Beeswax Lotion, Nourish & Hydrate

Essentials All-Purpose Cream, Emollient Rich Beeswax Lotion, Nourish & Hydrate

Winter is right around the corner – and if you are anything like me, that means that you’re preparing for months of dry skin: itchy elbows under your cozy sweater, red patches on your cheeks and nose, and chapped lips that make the mistletoe seem like a torture device (yuck)!

Of course, if you’re REALLY anything like me, your skin is already pretty dry. The past seven months of constant hand-washing and sanitizing have left me with some cracked paws (thanks, 2020)!

Every year, I spend weeks looking for the perfect lotion to keep my skin soft through the winter. And every year, I find myself wondering why my lotion has failed me. But thankfully, I’m no longer worried about winter dryness – or dry skin any other time of the year.


Because I’ve discovered the Stanley Home Goods Essentials All-Purpose Cream. This product has been a lifesaver this year, and I have high hopes that it will keep my skin smooth all year long.

The Secret to Hydrated Skin

The Essentials All-Purpose Cream is designed to “nourish and hydrate.” Well, let me tell you – it delivers on every level! The cream is made with beeswax, which is great for your skin in two major ways: it’s a humectant, which means it attracts water (hello hydration!), and it’s a natural exfoliant, which will slough off dead skin and leave you glowing.

This cream doesn’t feel oily or greasy, and it won’t clog your pores with regular use. Instead, you’ll get smooth, revitalized skin that looks great and smells good, too! The cream uses a gentle formula that’s suitable for your entire body, so you can use it from head to toe every day.

I have always had very sensitive skin (I used baby lotion well into my teenage years to avoid allergic reactions), so I’m always skeptical of products that claim to be “gentle.” However, the Essentials All-Purpose Cream really lives up to the claim! I’ve been able to use this product for months without my skin flaring up in anger – in fact; it’s never felt better. My skin is soft, hydrated, and healthy at long last.

Of course, I know that what works for me may not work for EVERYONE. But I am confident that this cream will give you great results.

Look as Good as You Feel…Literally

For me, the mere promise of soft skin this winter was enough to make me an Essentials girl for life. But this cream also has anti-aging ingredients! There’s vitamin A, which reduces the look of wrinkles and age-spots, emollients that make the skin appear smoother and anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce the look of scars, burns, eczema, and more. With this cream, your skin will feel soft and supple AND look younger, too… could you ask for anything more?

Some folks have been using the Essentials All-Purpose Cream for upwards of two decades. After trying it for myself, I can understand why! This product has won me over and given me hope for a future of soft skin. I’ve even picked up the Essentials Hand Moisturizer to keep in my purse. With all the hand sanitizing I’m doing these days, it’s good to have something handy that hydrates my skin!

Don’t let dry skin ruin your holiday fun this winter. Grab a tub of Essentials All-Purpose Cream (heck, grab a few – they’ll make great gifts) and enjoy soft, glowing, younger-looking skin.

With all, we’ve been through this year (once again, thanks 2020), this is one beauty product that every person deserves to enjoy. 

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