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Stanley Home Products - Home Cleaning Supply Checklist

Stanley Home Products - Home Cleaning Supply Checklist

Cleaning your tiles, furniture, cars, toilet, and kitchen utensils doesn’t have to be an uphill task. Cleaning is always made easy with the right cleaning agents, which makes getting stains off your home as easy as putting them there. So, whether you are looking to perform your annual restock or looking to purchase some of the best home cleaning products, here is a list of the top 5 cleaning agents every home should have.

Original Degreaser

The Original Degreaser is a Home Multipurpose Cleaning Solution. This means that if you are looking for a single cleaning agent that will serve multiple purposes, then this is the perfect cleaning agent for your home. The Original Degreaser is made environmental-friendly and, as such, is safe on all surfaces, equipment, and septic tanks. From your kitchen to your garage, everything can be made clean with this product.

Orange Wonder Spot & Stain Remover - All-Purpose & Eco-Friendly

Other than being the All-purpose stain remover every home should have, the orange wonder is also formulated with orange oil, making it a deodorant. So, if you like the smell of oranges, then you will love the orange wonder. This product can be used to remove any stain, both indoor and outdoor - from gums stains on your car, grease, rust, and much more. Simply apply on the surface and wipe off.

Auto Toilet Bowl Cleaning Freshener Dispenser

The toilet is a place that needs to be cleaned as often as possible - At least once a week to be exact. However, between cleanings, there is often a foul smell that makes cleaning seem like dirty exercise. This is especially so when you have kids who can mess it up or are that busy individual who just sets a particular day of the week/month for such a task. However, with the Auto Toilet Bowl Cleaning Freshener Dispenser, cleaning your toilet doesn’t have to feel dirty. Simply fill up the dispenser and have it sit on the toilet tank. With every flush, just enough Bowl Refresher to keep your toilet fresh between cleanings is released. With this handy cleaner, your toilet can go even longer without the urgency of cleaning - and when you eventually clean, the task wouldn’t feel so dirty.

Grout & Tile Clean Heavy Duty Cleaning Spray

How many times have you had to scrub a surface till you literarily can’t move a muscle, and yet the stain won’t go away? This is Yet another cleaning agent for your home. The Grout and Tile heavy-duty cleaning spray is just as it appears. Handy if you use tiles or perform certain DIY’s that cause you to leave heavy stains on your walls or floor. This product can be used to wipe off paint stains that have been left unattended for a while. It makes Wiping off heavy stains easy and effortless—a product every home should certainly have.

Cabinet Polish, Shine Protector & Conditioner

Furniture is a part of every home, making this product one of the top 5 product cleaning products every home should have. The Cabinet Polish, Shine Protector & Conditioner will clean off your wooden debris, dust, dirt, and grease in your furniture surface, all while it polishes and protects. Since the product is made with a formula that does not contain waxes, silicone, or any harmful solvents, it makes it suitable for all sorts of furniture.


Here you have the top 5 cleaning agents every home should have. So, if you are out there scouting for the best cleaning products you need for your home, these carefully picked products will serve you perfectly for any and every purpose.

Contributing Author - Sarah Benibo

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