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Melt Away Stress with These Bath Products From Stanley Designed to Pamper

Melt Away Stress with These Bath Products From Stanley Designed to Pamper

Are you ready to experience a spa retreat without leaving your house? Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products’ line of Personal Care items are all you’ll need to relax, unwind and look and feel your best. Here’s a double dose of indulgence, with a perfect routine for making your skin softer and healthier, along with ways to give your hair equal attention.

Pamper Yourself with a Bath

Let’s start with getting your skin looking its best. If soft, glowing skin is the goal, taking a few extra moments in the shower can make all the difference. For a true relaxing escape, turn to Stanley’s Essentials Skin Nourishing Milk Bath with aloe vera and milk protein. Doesn’t that just sound amazingly luxurious? 

This is one of their most requested products for a reason. Rich, creamy bubbles surround your body in a sea of relaxation. Who needs a spa getaway when you have this milk bath to nourish your skin with aloe vera. The light, fresh fragrance is a customer favorite for a reason. What more could you ask for after a stressful day than being swept up in the soothing clouds of bubbles this milk bath provides. 

Make Scrubbing Your Favorite Part of Any Shower

Now to truly pamper your skin, whether you’re taking a shower or a bath, you’ll want to add the scrubbing power of one of Stanley's back scrubber brushes to your bathing routine. Why, you might ask? Well first off, because, admit it, your back is sorely missing some love and attention in the shower. Most of us are guilty of just getting soap where we can reach with our hands and calling it good. But with Stanley’s Bath Back Scrubber 20-inch body brush with Figure 8 design for stimulation you’ll be able to reach all those often-neglected spots. Did you know that scrubbing provides exfoliation that can help keep your skin from prematurely aging? But not all brushes are created equally. The Stanley Back Scrubber is designed to gently slough off dead skin without causing irritation. And if you’re looking for an even longer model, Fuller Brush’s Foot and Body Spa Brush will meet all your exfoliating needs with a reach of 28.5 inches long. It’s the perfect size for giving your feet a good scrubbing with no bending required. 

Speaking of feet, after you’ve scrubbed them silky smooth, the perfect way to baby your feet is with Essentials TreatMint Foot Lotion after your bath or shower. This cooling lotion that’s packed with essential oils helps relieve aching feet and protects your feet’s skin, keeping it soft and feeling great. An added bonus? This mint-infused moisturizer provides a soothing cool effect that helps wash away fatigue and joint pain, while leaving your feet smelling oh-so nice.

But we’re not completely finished with your shower yet. If you’ve missed the blissfully relaxing shampoos of the hair salon, you’re in for a treat. Fuller Brush makes a Scalp Massage and Shampoo Brush that gives the rejuvenating feel of a salon shampooing, no extra set of hands needed! Soft fingers massage the scalp, leaving it feeling clean and invigorated, while the shower brush also does wonders evenly distributing shampoo and detangling hair. 

Tame Your Hair with Beautiful Brushes

Now when it comes to your hair, Fuller Brush and Stanley have no shortage of options to meet all your hair needs. Just out of the shower, you’ll want a brush that’s designed to manage tangled wet hair, without damaging it. Stanley’s Essentials Detangling Glider Brush for Styling and Blow Drying features nylon bristles with rounded ends that easily comb through wet hair. 

And if you’re looking for an everyday brush to keep your hair looking great, the House of Fuller Lustrebrush Professional with natural boar hair bristles is an investment piece to enjoy for years to come. Ideal for short or thin hair, each bristle of the Lustrebrush has tiny scales that clean hair, removing dirt, oil, and flakes as you brush. You’ll notice added body and sheen with every use. 

For those with longer hair, consider Fuller’s Beech Wood Club Hairbrush with Natural Boar's Hair Bristles. Its unique genuine wood pattern makes it a gorgeous piece, while the natural boar bristles give hair a silky smooth feel.Even kids can get the royal treatment with a Fuller Brush designed just for them. The Ultra Soft Nylon Bristle Hairbrush for babies to adults offers ultra-soft nylon concave pattern bristles to make hairbrushing gentle and relaxing for even those that never want their hair touched.


Contributing Author - Jacqueline Rupp

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