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FREE SHIPPING ORDERS $75+ | Free Gift With Purchases $150+

Our History

The Brand Your Grandparents Brag About

Nearly 90 years ago, about the time the Empire State Building was completed, and the year unemployment soared into the double digits, Frank Stanley Beveridge and Catherine L. O’Brien set out to build what would become one of the greatest companies of the early 20th century.

Frank Stanley Beveridge

In 1900, Frank Stanley Beveridge moved from his home in Nova Scotia to the United States with just $1.35 Canadian in his pocket. A few short years later, after graduating from Mount Hermon School in Northfield Massachusetts, he travelled to New York where he met and married his wife Theresa. They settled down to start a family, and Stanley began his career at The Fuller Brush Company. He then steadily earned his way to director of sales and then vice president, acquiring serious experience, setting the stage for when he’d later go on to open his own company.

Stanley Home Products

Under the dark clouds of the Great Depression in 1931, Frank, never one to sit and fiddle his thumbs, jumped into action. He partnered with Catherine L O'Brien, his former secretary at Fuller Brush, and launched the Stanley Home Products brand. Together they became a force to be reckoned with. 

With his experience selling cleaning supplies from the Fuller Brush company, Frank Stanley knew he’d be able to accomplish more as the CEO of his own company.  With this step, Stanley essentially took the first step towards establishing his legacy. 

Stanley Home Parties

With the ever growing hardships due to the economic situation at the time, Frank Stanley & Catherine O’Brien struggled at the start to attract the attention of consumers in a highly congested market.

While traveling from door to door trying to sell his latest supplies, he’d listen to feedback and interact with his customers. These interactions became essential in his development of products that really met the needs of his patrons. Slowly, Frank managed to build a large fan base for his products which were designed to get the job done easily and well. 

Ever the one devising large-scale plans, Frank and Catherine devised a system where interested consumers were able to purchase small quantities at highly discounted rates and then make a profit selling Stanley Home’s quality products themselves.

This method exploded, as shortly after, housewives all across the USA were inviting their friends over demonstrating Stanley’s latest and greatest, while selling to the masses. By 1939, buying a Stanley Home product meant you got an invitation to socialize at a party, free gifts, and a full demonstration of the various Stanley Home products. They did not know then that many of these products would go on to become family heirlooms that would last a lifetime. In those days, all products were built to last.

At these gatherings, the salesperson could demonstrate his/her products to a roomful of invited "guests" and then take orders from many at once -- a far more efficient method than knocking cold on doors, selling to one person at a time.

The organised parties demonstrated the superior quality of the Stanley Home cleaning goods, and they spread like wildfire. This radical change brought women into the business. In fact, home party sales became a convenient and lucrative business for women. Throughout the 1940's women discovered that they could make some extra "pin" money -- or even support their families -- through a job with Stanley. The work offered them flexibility and autonomy they couldn't find in other jobs. They could choose how many hours they wanted to work, and control their own schedules. 

By 1950, his company's sales had hit a record $70 million.

The home-party-style sales method has since been successfully copied by people such as Mary Kay and Brownie Wise from Tupperware (both previously trained at Stanley Home).  

These parties allowed Stanley Home to rightfully earn its prestigious household name as a leader in home cleaning supplies. Today, we continue to supply you with these same quality home goods, made in the U.S., where you can continue to shop from the convenience of your own home.

Quality cleaning products-made of the highest quality ingredients under the strictest standards - that actually work!

Stanley Home Products. Trusted Since 1931.